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Terrasym Treatment Calculator

Use this convenient calculator to determine the use rate for Terrasym 401.

*Calculations based on soybeans sold as 140,000 seed count units at 2,800 seeds per pound. Please refer to seed bag tag for seed size information.

Slurry to be mixed for your treatment:

Mix oz Terrasym 401 (dry powder) with oz water.

Slurry Rate 4 oz/.cwt | Slurry Density 7.84 lbs./gal
Dry Powder weight lbs | Water weight lbs

This tool has been developed to help determine use rates for Terrasym 401 products for soybean. It does not replace the approved label for this product.

You are required to read and follow state approved labels for all products, including direction for use and usage rates. You remain liable for accuracy and amount of seed treatments applied. // Performance may vary from location to location and from year to year as local soil, climate, and/or other conditions change. Always read and follow label directions. Check state registration to make sure product is registered in your state. NewLeaf Symbiotics® and Terrasym® are both registered trademarks.

Terrasym Product Labels

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